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We strive to deliver a great product and service to our clients. As we aim to grow and increase our products and services we only do so when we know we can deliver the same outstanding service that our clients have come to know over the last 65+ years. 


Harboard & Thin MDF


Hardboard and thin MDF were our core products for 65+ years and they remain an important part of our product line. The variety of fiber types, board specifications, and press sizes that we offer cannot be matched by any other supplier. All products in our line are produced from responsibly managed forests and either meet CARB 2 requirements or are exempt due to no added formaldehyde. Through our house label products and allied mills overseas, we are able to offer direct mill shipments to OEMs worldwide and Just-in-Time delivery throughout the United States. Products offered include:

Smooth-2-Sides, Wet process, Oil tempered hardboard

  • Hardwood fibers
  • .125"/ .188"/ .215" thicknesses
  • offered from stock in 4' x 8' sheet size

smooth-1-side, wet process, standard and heat tempered hardboard

  • Available in either pine or eucalyptus fibers
  • .100" / .120" / .188" / .220" thicknesses
  • in stock : 4' x 4', 4' x 8', 4' x 12' , 5' x 16'
  •  custom sheets available from presses up to 4' x 24' and 5' x 16'

Thin MDF / HDF

  • available in either pine or eucaplyptus fibers
  • .120" / .220" thickness
  • offered from stock in 49"x 97" , 61" x 97"
  • custom sheets available from continuous production press


  • State of the art machinery producing the highest products, suitable to the most demanding industrial applications
  • Pine and Eucalyptus fibers available
  • Available as direct mill shipments, just-in-time shipments from dedicated stock, or standard sizes from open inventory
  • All products comply with CARB II (zero emission boards also available)
  • All fibers originate from well-managed, eco-friendly forests / plantations
  • Moisture resistant and fire treated products available

Softboard - Insulation Board


Normally stocked as 1/2" x 48" x 96" for the construction industry, this product is also custom produced and sold for industrial applications in :

  • 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2" thickness
  • 4' x 4', 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 4' x 10' and 4' x 12' sheet sizes
  • Standard and iron / clay coated
  • Cut-to-size



D&M is now a major importer of Brazilian CDX plywood directly into its dedicated terminal located in the port of Brookyln. Most of this product is currently being treated with FX Lumber Guard as a fire-retardant for construction uses.


Particle Board / Melamine Faced Particleboard


Sometimes know as flakeboard, this product is a low cost solution for shelving and cabinet applications where appearance is not critical. Normally stocked in :

  • 1/2" and 3/4" thickness and available cut to order
  • Available in stock as 3/4" with white melamine on two sides for application requiring a finished appearance. 

Corrugated Plastic / Acrylic Panels


Corrugated 4' x 8' plastic sheets are widely used in the construction industry as a light weight and easy to cut solution for floor protection. Sold in easy to handle bags of either 10 sheets or 25 sheets in 4mm thickness, and bundled for resale at 300 shells per pallet. Also available cut-to-size for packaging applications. 

Acrylic is stocked as 4' x 8' in both 1/8" and 1/4" thickness. Used in construction as weather - resistant protection for building permits and certificates on job sites. Cut-to-size upon request. 


Valchromat - Colored MDF


Valchromat is a highly-refined, colored-throughout wood fiber providing new and exciting material for store fixture, architectural woodwork, and cabinet applications. Valchromat can be routed (without subsequent sanding) to reveal an edge similar to the surface.

As the exclusive importer of Valchromat products in the Unitesd States and Canada we maintain an extensive inventory of colors and thicknesses for immediate shipment as well as offering direct mill shipments from the factory in Portugal to distributors across the country.

For complete information about the Valchromat product line, please see the manufacturer's website :

Viroc - Colored Cementitious


D &M is the sole authorized importer and distributor of Viroc in the United States. Viroc is a colored-through cementitious fiberboard manufactured in Portugal to strict European Standards.  It has a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications and provides the look standard woodworking machinery and installed in a fraction of the cost of concrete. 

For complete details on Viroc and images of Viroc in a wide variety of applications, please see and

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